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Pneumatic Control Valve
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Pneumatic Control Valve
This Type of Pneumatic Control Valves controlled with hydraulic cylinder and gear pump in hydraulic structure of tippers. To Insert Press relief valve it is planned

double ported design pneumatic control valve, double ported control valves ahmedabad
Pneumatic Control Valve Double Ported Design

C.I, C.S, S.S.
2 ½” to 4”


double ported design pneumatic control valve, pneumatic control valves ahmedabad, double ported design pneumatic control valves india
Pneumatic Control Valve Double Ported Design

Pneumatic Control valve is planned for controlling high-low pressure of liquids and Gases. They are available in sizes ranging from ˝” to 20” in pressure classes 150 through 2500.

SR 300 control valves are supplied with either piston cylinder or spring & diaphragm actuator (direct or reverse acting) and a number of optional accessories to suit the duty requirement. These valves permit field interchangeability of actuator and trim types, thus proving to be economical in case of field conversion

accu-pneumatic series 77, accu-pneumatic series 77 exporter
Accu-Pneumatic Series 77:-

These valves are design to handle a wide variety of process application like air, water, steam, gas, oil and other fluids having wide flow range requirements.

Accu-Pneumatic Series 87

Accu-Pneumatic Series 87, a Globe type, Double ported, Top & Bottom Guided, Single Spring and Diaphragm actuated, Throttling/On-Off Type, Pneumatic Control Valve.The valve is double-seated, semi-balanced offering. It is still commonly used in refineries in applications such as crude or bottoms service.
Size Range: 15mm to 500mm
Pressure Rating: up to Class 600

pneumatic control valves, pneumatic control valves manufacturer, pneumatic control valves india

Pneumatic Control Valves

These pneumatic control valves are solenoid-operated for automated control of air flow direction. The valves are 4-way, 2-position with solenoid actuators; choose from spring or solenoid returns. Spring returns provide momentary output from the valve. Solenoid returns allow greater control over output—valve remains actuated until signaled to shift back.
The large orifice provides higher maximum flow rates. These Valves has a zinc body which give it long life with excellent shift response. Use with compressed air or inert gases—no lubrication is required. 40µm filtration is suggested for finest best results. A coil connector is necessary; order separately.

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