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Industrial FCS Valves

Unimac Control System is a premier manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium quality of industrial Globe Valves, Control Valves, and Plug Valves. Unimac Control Valves is an esteemed name in valves for isolation, control and flow reversal applications. Unimac globe valves are hugely utilized in critical industrial applications like steam, utility, and process pipelines. Today we are considered to be a leading supplier and exporter of a wide range of gate valves, ball valves, plug vales, butterfly valves, and globe valves.

Since our established in 1941, we have been designing high-quality valves that are utilized around the world in Industries ranging from Power, Steel, Oil and Natural Gas to Chemicals, Waste Water, Potable Water among others. Our capacities in Design and Manufacture are supplemented by our after-deals administration, and along these lines, we can give far reaching "Stream Control Solutions" for any and each need. We generally manufacture our items according to worldwide industry guidelines to suit complex venture requests. Composed or manufactured precisely, our items are taken as essential decision by different assembling ventures. The prescribed functionalities and easy to understand outline of our items make our globe valves very requesting in target markets.

The nonstop endeavors and wide industry encounter empowers us to give most imaginative tweaked answers for expand your benefits. We give exceptional rebates on mass request, so put in your request with us for bleeding edge industry arrangements immediately. We offer the scope of modern valves that incorporates Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Forged Steel Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, and so forth. A solid Design Engineering and R&D group guarantees that notwithstanding standard valves, we can make any specially crafted valve to suit your necessities. Our valves meet the prerequisites of API Spec Q1. /API 6D and have gotten ISO 9001:2000 confirmation. With a youthful and dynamic administration group, we would like to scale new statures and be perceived as one of the market pioneers in creating world-class, industrial valves.

What is Control Valves?

Our manufactured Control Valve is a power-worked device utilized to amend the fluid flow rate in a procedure framework. It is outstanding that the offered Control Valves will be valves used to control conditions, for example, flow, pressure, temperature, and fluid level by completely or somewhat opening or shutting because of signs got from controllers that think about a "setpoint" to a "procedure variable" whose esteem is given by sensors that monitor changes in such conditions. Control Valve is likewise named as the Final Control Element.

The opening or shutting of control valves is typically done consequently by electrical, water driven or pneumatic actuators. Positioners are used to control the opening or shutting of the actuator in view of electric or pneumatic signs. These control signals, customarily in view of 3-15psi, more typical now are 4-20mA signs for industry.

Why is Control Valves Utilized?

Process plants comprise of hundreds, or even thousands, of control loops all organized to deliver an item to be offered available to be purchased. Each of these control loops is intended to keep some vital procedure variable, for example, pressure, flow, level, temperature, and so forth inside a required working reach to guarantee the nature of the final result. Each of these loops gets and inside makes unsettling influences that adversely influence the procedure variable, and collaborations from different loops in the system give aggravations that impact the procedure variable.
To reduce the impact of these load disturbances influences, sensors and transmitter gather data about the procedure variable and its relationship to some coveted set point. A controller at that point forms this data and chooses what must be done to recover the procedure variable to where it ought to be after a heap aggravation happens. At the point when all the measuring, looking at, and ascertaining are done, some kind of definite control component must actualize the technique chose by the controller.

Types of Control Valve Bodies

The most common and versatile types of control valves are sliding-stem globe and angle valves. Their popularity derives from rugged construction and the many options available that make them suitable for a variety of process applications, including severe service. Control valve bodies may be categorized as below:

  • Angle Valves: Cage-style valve bodies, DiskStack style valve bodies
  • Angle Seat Piston Valves
  • Globe Valves: Single-port valve bodies, Balanced-plug cage-style valve bodies, High capacity, cage-guided valve bodies, port-guided single-port valve bodies, Double-ported valve bodies, Three- way valve bodies.
  • Diaphragm Valves
  • Rotary Valve: Butterfly valve bodies, V-notch ball control valve bodies, Eccentric-disk control valve bodies, Eccentric - plub control valve bodies.
  • Sliding cylinder valves: Directional control valve, Spool Valve, Pitson valve
  • Air-operated valves: Air-operated valves, Relay valve, Air-operated pinch valve.

Characteristics of Control Valve

All control valves have a natural flow characteristic that defines the connection between ‘valve opening’ and flowrate under consistent pressure conditions. Kindly note that valve opening in this setting alludes to the relative position of the valve plug to its closed position against the valve seat. It doesn’t allude to the opening pass territory. The opening pass region is some of the time called the valve throat and is the tightest point between the valve fitting and seat through which the liquid takes a break. For any valve, be that as it may it is described, the connection amongst flowrate and hole pass territory is dependably straightforwardly corresponding.

Valves of any size or inborn flow characteristics which are subjected to the same volumetric flowrate and differential pressure will have the very same opening pass zone. Be that as it may, diverse valve attributes will give distinctive valve openings for a similar pass region. Contrasting straight and equivalent rate valves, a direct valve may have a 25% valve opening for a specific weight drop and flowrate, while an equivalent rate valve may have a 65% valve opening for the very same conditions. The opening pass territory will be the same.

Specifications of Control Valve

  • Reliability: On most elevated need, this item is supported by finished years if encounter
  • Develop what the customer requires: We assessed client criticism and joined the outcome into the outline of this control valve.
  • Progress: A moment age computerized situated with the alternative of bidirectional correspondence.
  • Flexibility: An interesting, minimal, pipe less and vibration safe situated mounting which ensures snappy gathering and high unwavering quality for all actuator capacities.
  • Cost of ownership: Diminishment in working and support cost. The SWS-situate offers the alternative of twofold side use by switching the seat ring.
  • Environmental Awareness: A stem fixing that meets the present prerequisites by giving a consumption safe stuffing box territory.
  • Efficiency: Twofold utilization of helper vitality by utilizing the attempted and tried pneumatic multi-spring stomach actuator with the alternative of lasting spring case ventilation.
  • Universal: Design in accordance with ANSI standardized trims
  • Precision: Cutting edge CNC producing systems stay away from misalignment amongst actuator and valve controlling
  • Control of the “Magic Triangle”: Shortening the conveyance time, limiting expenses and in the meantime more noteworthy specialized esteem, changes and quality.


Industrial FCS Valves


Industrial FCS Valves
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